Collection Arrangements

Children without younger siblings at the nursery

Children must be dropped off and collected from the Before and After School Club directly, located just 100 metres from the nursery, unless being collected between 6pm and 6.30pm when collection is from the nursery.

Children that have younger siblings attending the nursery

In the mornings, it may be possible for older siblings to be dropped off either at the Before and After School Club directly or together with younger siblings at the nursery.

In the evenings, before 6pm collection will be from the Before and After School Club directly, and after 6pm collection of both children will be from the nursery.

Collection Permissions

The same policy at the nursery applies to the collection of all children. Should a parent or guardian fail to correctly follow this safeguarding policy and so a child is not collected on time, the Club’s Late Fees will apply in full.

School Closures

If your child’s school closes early for any reason, it is the parent or guardians responsibility to inform the Club as far in advance as possible to be able to arrange an early collection for your child. We cannot always guarantee that this early collection service can be offered, however will always endeavour to do our best especially when sufficient notice is provided. An additional transport charge may be payable.