What Our Parents Say

Marcus – “I just wanted to say how much I (genuinely!!) enjoyed the morning last Friday. Admittedly I had to go and lie down in a darkened room for an hour or so afterwards, but that’s just because all the kids were so engaging! I always knew Zach was happy at drop off and at pick up – now I can vouch that he (and all the other children) actually remain that way throughout the day. And that’s due in no small part to the hard work and cheery nature of the team of staff you have at Aston Pierpoint, although how they do it for 10 hrs a day, I truly don’t know. If only turquoise was more my colour, I’d have come along again this week ;-)”
Charlotte – “My son has absolutely thrived at Aston Pierpoint. The nursery provides a wonderful balance between excellent care with friendly, considerate and knowledgeable staff with a wealth of top quality facilities and activities. My son has developed so much since being at the nursery, made friends and most importantly had lots of fun in this welcoming and safe environment.”
Lindsay – “I have two children at Aston Pierpoint. It is a friendly, fun and caring nursery which has wonderful facilities for the children to play and learn. It has lovely outdoor spaces and fun extra curriculum activities which my children really enjoy.”
Christos & Evy – “Athena was 13 months when she started attending Aston Pierpoint Nursery. We looked around at a few nurseries, but this one felt right from the moment we entered the building. Athena has been attending the nursery for almost 8 months now and not once have we doubted our choice or were we disappointed with the service we receive.

The staff in the Baby room was supportive, patient and understanding as both Athena and we needed time to adjust to our new reality, staying some hours apart. The nursery’s policy to allow plenty of time for adjustment was so important to us and it worked miracles. Very soon Athena was feeling comfortable being there. She appeared happy and content and this made us feel happy, content and safe with our choice.

The variety and deeply thoughtful activities that are planned for each day were the kind of stimulation we wanted our daughter to have. We love the sensory, messy play; the outings; the play in the garden. The external activities (yoga, sign language, music, Spanish) are the cherry on the cake! We deeply appreciate the support the staff offered to teach Athena how to eat independently; but most importantly we deeply appreciate being greeted with a huge smile and a genuine joy for seeing Athena each morning. At the end of the day, additionally to the verbal feedback, we receive emails with the news of the day which help us feel part of what we have missed of our daughter, while we are at work.

Athena is a happy child at her nursery. She develops every day into a confident toddler and we know that part of the credit belongs to the staff of Aston Pierpoint Nursery! She has now moved to the Toddlers’ Room and we hope (although we know…) that the quality of work will continue as she moves on.”

Marika & Gareth – “Charlie has moved through Aston Pierpoint’s Toddlers & Pre-school rooms having also spent a little ad-hoc time in the baby room. He’s now just months away from starting infant school and we feel he’s gained enormously in these interim years in terms of his development and readiness to move to the next level of learning. We’ve watched him grow in so many ways – his social skills, his appetite for learning & his comfort within groups (plus acceptance of behaviours & diversity). The hard-working, committed & lovely staff at Aston Pierpoint have really made his time there special and have always shown genuine care, warmth & attention. Facilities are superb & the children are given the opportunity to experience an ever growing list of extra-curricular activities during the normal nursery day.”
Paul – “Our daughter, Charlotte, started on a fulltime basis with Aston Pierpoint in the Babies Room shortly before her first birthday and is now in Foundation. My wife and I both work long hours and it’s a source of great comfort to us both that Charlotte is in an environment which is loving, supportive and professionally managed. In particular, we have felt very lucky to have had such dedicated Key Workers who obviously care a great deal about all of the children. I have also been impressed by the continuous improvements that Ibi and Rebecca have sought to bring to the nursery; the range of activities and facilities (including the new allotment!) available are fantastic and ensure that Charlotte is getting a well-rounded and stimulating early years education.”
Louisa – “My son has been attending Aston Pierpoint full time since he was 2 and it has naturally become a big part of his life. It is a very special nursery; the facilities and nursery environment are fantastic and are regularly improved and updated. The variety and quality of the structured activities that are provided is really impressive; sports, arts and language classes run by external teachers plus swimming lessons and various trips in the nursery minibus are a regular feature of the weekly timetable. There is an excellent level of communication with parents and most importantly the staff are kind, approachable and have formed a clear mutual bond with my son. In turn he has developed into a very happy, confident and sociable 4 year old, perfectly equipped to start school later this year.”
Lucy – “I wanted to write first to say thank you to the baby room for looking after Tabby so well as for making it a place that she is visibly excited to get to everyday. Tabby’s development in her first month with you has been fantastic- her movement, comprehension, clapping, communication and eating have just gone through the roof. We are so pleased – so thank you to all of the baby room team and to her fantastic key worker who Tabby shrieked with joy to see when we arrived last Monday. It is a wonderful feeling to know she is so well cared for.”
Jaz and Paul – “I just wanted to say thank you very much for looking after Elizabeth in her early years. She loved nursery and is very ready for school. Her first day was yesterday and she had a ball. Thank you to all the team. We have very much appreciated all you have done and all the flexibility too. We hope the nursery goes from strength to strength.”
Claire and Andy – “Just wanted to say thanks for caring for Dylan this past year, he has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Aston and made lots of new friends. I’m sure his little sister will settle in well in babies in the New Year. You have a fantastic team in preschool please pass on our thanks to the whole team.”
Vicky – “I just wanted to say how sad we were for Bella to leave nursery on Friday. She has had a wonderful time at Aston Pierpoint and I couldn’t fault the environment, food or care she has received. I will certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a nursery.”
Liz – “I would like to thank you and all the staff for making his time at Aston Pierpoint so enjoyable and as a parent I have always been impressed with the standard of care and felt happy to leave him in your care.”
Martin – “Dexter has had a super time at Aston Pierpoint & we have seen so many positive changes in Dexter’s personality so we are extremely grateful for all the care & education you have given him.”
Emma – “I was very impressed the first time I came to visit Aston Pierpoint. The number of settling in visits that my son had at Aston Pierpoint, far exceeded any other nurseries that we had looked at. This was very important for me as I wanted my son to feel at home when I started. The staff are friendly, honest and great with the children. The children are fed a fresh and varied balanced diet and the activities offered to them are both fun and educational. The facilities are continuously renewed and improved, providing a stimulating and varied experience for the children, using the space really well.

I am very happy with my sons learning and development within the nursery. His speech has developed really well and he is already counting and singing nursery rhymes that we haven’t sung at home. I really like the daily email report sheets as they provide an overview of what the children have done. I would recommend Aston Pierpoint to anyone looking for childcare.”

Wendy and Steve – “I’d like you to know how great Aston Pierpoint has been for Dylan, all the staff have been fantastic and he adores them. He’s learnt so much and he really enjoys his days with you and his friends, I know he’s going to miss you all lots and be sad to leave. Thank you for all your hard work and for making the nursery a fun, educational and safe place for our son.”
Alison – “I’m really grateful for the advice I got at your potty training workshop which I constantly refer back to and have shared with lots of friends. I have to say this type of care and response that you and your team provide, along with an ever increasing schedule of activities and great facilities, really make you stand out as a great nursery. Thank you.”
Zoe – “I send this email with real sadness because after nearly four years we are all going to really, really miss Aston.

It has been a fantastic nursery and I can honestly say Grace and Amelia have loved every day and been brilliantly cared for.”

Alex – “I really wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for the new role if I hadn’t had such a great place for Ivy to be during the day so thank you!”