Toddler Room

Young children develop at their own individual rate, our system of observation and planning helps individualise the experiences provided to promote the children’s holistic learning and development. In the Toddler room there starts to be a slightly more structured routine such as main meal times, circle time, singing times etc. However this still takes into account individual needs such as sleep times, nappy changing and toilet training. We aim to work in partnership with you and offer support through challenging times such as toilet training.

Toddlers are fast, fun and exciting, but most of all they need space and so we have designated the whole of our ground floor to them. We have designed their play space to stimulate all areas of their development. We have an indoor soft play area to provide them with physical challenges, and once they are up there is no stopping them and we do not intend to! All our areas are designed to ensure their adventures are safe and fun whilst developing their balance, co-ordination and climbing skills.

We also have creative areas, quiet areas, table toys and role play areas which allow our toddlers to be involved in wherever their mood takes them. Our practitioners assist their play, talking to your child in a way that allows early mathematical awareness and language development to occur naturally. We also have planned play opportunities to ensure that your toddler is introduced to exciting and new experiences.

We recognise among all of this activity your toddler may still require a sleep at whatever time suits them. Our quiet area allows this to happen naturally and away from the more stimulating sights.

We have our meals together as a family and your child’s independence will be actively encouraged at the table, as they eat with their friends and carers.