Settling-in to Nursery

Children react differently to being left in a new environment, but some do follow a pattern. Some children may appear to settle easily, but after a few days they may become tearful and reluctant for their parents/carers to leave. On the other hand, they may show signs of distress straight away but will recover very quickly once the parent/carer has left.

Parents/carers are very welcome to stay to settle in their children for as long as they feel is necessary. It is important to be positive about your child’s stay in nursery as they can sense if you are worried. It is also important to give staff as much information about your child as possible, however trivial.

When it comes to saying goodbye, please try to be brief as a prolonged goodbye may upset your child even more. You are welcome to telephone the nursery as often as you would like to check how your child has settled in.

Please call us to discuss our free settling-in process which is spread over two weeks typically, however we are happy to offer up to a month to help every child settle and parents feel comfortable (obviously it can be shorter if you prefer or need it to be).