The Aston Way

At Aston Pierpoint Nursery and Aston House Preschool, we are here to help you find the best option to support your child towards their full potential.

Every child is unique, however at Aston Pierpoint and Aston House, we believe the following to be the fundamental steps you need to take to find the most suitable solution to your childcare needs.

The environment

Above all, you and your child need to be in an environment where you feel happy and confident in a clean and well-equipped setting, one that has a very warm, home from home environment. Somewhere where children play well together, with plenty of opportunity to develop. Strong parent and community partnerships, built upon a very caring, friendly and motivated staff team, are the cornerstones of our settings.

The safety and security

In a modern society it is essential to ensure that every step is taken to guarantee the safety and security of your child. An environment where you feel fully protected without making children feel closed in or intimidated.

The staff

Anyone you entrust to care for your child must see themselves as an extension of the care and support you provide.

The ability to listen to the parent and to share the experiences your child has encountered is the only way to guarantee that the care provided becomes a comfortable and acceptable part of your and your child’s everyday life.

At Aston Pierpoint and Aston House we hope you will find that the environment we create is one of trust, respect and honesty in everything we do.

5 a day – every day

We produce fresh meals every day using fresh produce. Our menus provide children an opportunity to try all kinds of different foods.

We believe that mealtimes should be social, happy times where skills can be developed and foods tasted!

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