Parent Portal Login and Invoices

Our Parent Portal provides you with:

  • Outstanding balance of Nursery Fees
  • Copies of Invoices available to download
  • Statement of Account to date
  • Your Child’s booking pattern

No payments can be made via our Parent Portal – all payments of nursery fees can only be made via Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, HMRC Tax Free childcare or Childcare Vouchers.

Please note:

Receipts are updated to the accounts weekly, and so if your payment or voucher is not displaying as received on the Parent Portal, it may be due to the timing of receipt in relation to the next update.

The account figures in the Parent Portal are accurate and to be used as the account ledger at all times.


Childcare vouchers are not deducted from the invoice at the point of issue – the invoice is always based upon the booking pattern in association with the current nursery fee schedule. Childcare vouchers are a form of payment towards the invoice amount.